Grave Of The Fireflies Analysis

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The film Grave of the Fireflies expertly depicts World War II from the perspective of two young Japanese citizens of the city of Kobe. As viewers follow their story they learn several things such as the hardships of the people of Japan, the endangerment of the regular civilians, and the unnecessary brutality of the American military. But the film, like all else, has its limitations, these include prospective and lack of time. Hardship is emphasized everywhere in the film, it is constantly poking the viewer to see the pain and suffering. This is immediately seen at the beginning of the film when we see one main character, Seita, on the ground of a train station. The director uses a pan shot to capture the condition of the boy, through this shot we see that he is badly famished and struggling for life. The director also uses an extreme close up on the boy with a fly on his face to convey that he lacks the energy to even swat a fly away. We can also later see the hardship of losing a family member to the bombings in the other main character, Setsuko. In the film, she as well as her brother lost their mother. Viewers can see the hardships that this carries with the author's use of reiteration. Again and again Setsuko is shown crying over their mother, asking about her, among other reactions due to the sudden loss of their mother. The fact that she keeps struggling with this loss shows the extent of the pain that this direct result of World War II brings to typical people of

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