Grave Of The Fireflies Essay

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In the 1988 film, Grave of the Fireflies, a boy named Seita and his younger sister Setsuko struggle to survive in Japan towards the end of the war. The animated film begins with Seita dying in what appears to be a subway station. The remainder of the film is a recollection of the end of his days. These flashbacks begin with him storing aways some essentials in the ground before an air raid. Setsuko says behind with her brother to be taken to the shelter while their mother gets a head start due to her heart condition. The two siblings do not make it to the shelter in time to avoid the airaid and end up having to find shelter themselves. When the air raid is over the two siblings make their way to the school where people are being sheltered and Seita is…show more content…
Seita is forced to steal food, and on one occasion he is caught, beaten, and taken to the police. The police let him go without repercussion. Seita also takes to looting houses during air raids to feed him and his sister, whose health is worsening. Seita eventually has to take her to a doctor who inform him that she in malnourished. Seita goes to the bank to get more money out to buy food he is told that the Japanese have lost the war and that his father is most likely dead. Upon his arrival back to their “home” he is welcomed by Setsuko who is hallucinating due to her malnutrition and is trying to eat marbles and rocks, thinking that they are food. Setsuko dies, and Seita cremates her body and places her ashes in a candy tin. This is the same candy tin that is found on Seita’s dead body and thrown into a field in the beginning of the film. Grave of the Fireflies ends the flashback coming to an end by Seita proclaiming that after claiming his sister's’ ashes he never returned to their shelter and shows the two siblings, reunited by death, looking out over a modern
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