Gravity And Its Effects On The Human Body

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As Humans begin to solve more mysteries in the universe and in our solar system, we begin venturing farther into the unknown. We are only a decade or two away from landing the first human on Mars. With a first of a kind mission, comes many challenges. Not only are there great economic and technical challenges that come from such a manned mission, but also, how will the human body react to such a long mission from Earth to Mars and then back again? Gravity plays such a key role in our daily life, most people take it for granted until gravity changes or is no longer prevalent. A journey to Mars will have profound effects on the human body due to gravity. Astronauts will experience three phases of gravity. The first being the long…show more content…
A similar occurrence happens to astronauts in space, since gravity can’t keep your bodily fluids down in their evolutionary positions causing bodily fluids to rise up, potentially blurring vision in the eyes. NASA monitors fluid distribution closely to assure the probability of risk arising will be diminished, also thigh cuffs are implemented in space suits to help keep blood in the legs. Simple exercise has proven to be one of the best sources to deal with gravity loss, it improves: muscle strength, endurance, moral, and coordination [f]. A group called HI-SEAS (Hawai’i Space Exploration Analog and Simulation) funded by NASA and in collaboration with the University of Hawai’i, is experimenting with long term isolation of astronauts simulating Martian conditions here on Earth. The first HI-SEAS mission began in April of 2013 and finished in August the same year. This first mission was deemed a success so multiple more mission succeeded this first mission. [a] Astronauts are underway in another space simulation in Hawaii at the Mauna Loa volcano, it’s expected to be 8 months in length which began in January of 2017. This is the fifth iteration of HI-SEAS. Crewmembers will simulate a mission on the Martian surface. All procedures are to be simulated as correctly as possible if in a hostile space environment. This location was chosen because of the visual similarities it has to Mars, as well
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