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Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity pulls viewers in with superb character development, cinematic brilliance, and harrowing action sequences, leaving them breathless. A film that uses 3D technology and special effects in the best possible way; Gravity will serve as the benchmark for excellence in space thrillers for years to come. The opening sequence transfixes viewers with a beautiful, almost ethereal wide shot of Earth from the view of space, and slowly moves in toward three dots that turn out to be the full cast of the film (really). Sandra Bullock plays Dr. Stone, a reluctant Astronaut on a singular mission to space with just six months of NASA training under her belt. On the other end of the spectrum is Matt Kowalski (George Clooney), the…show more content…
Stone. From a theological perspective, it seems as though Bullock’s character struggles not only with loss, but with the “why” of it all… the big questions; a struggle shared by many in their faith. When contemplating death, she talks about her lack of experience with prayer and knowing that she will not be mourned. After resigning herself to her fate, an “angelic” visit arms her with life-saving knowledge, and she whispers “thank you,” acknowledging an external power (though not explicitly God). Upon her transformation, she hints at the belief in an afterlife, at the same time deciding she wants to live. One criticism of the film remains in the storyline, which seems a bit “too good to be true” in the latter scene, and the ending. That being said; it would not have worked any other way, so it is hard to hold it against Cuarón as a true critique of the film. Gravity will remain a cinematic masterpiece that impresses viewers with a portrayal of space that is so real and terrifying, it’s hard to reconcile that it had been manufactured in a studio. However, the masterful characterization and performance of Sandra Bullock as Dr. Stone elevate this film to something more than a movie about space. In its truest sense, it’s a film that deals with love, loss, faith and hope… and finally, accepting death and choosing to live

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