Gray Street-Personal Narrative

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“Emergency code 10-48, suspect is a 6’1 male, black hoodie, armed and last seen fleeing towards Gray Street”, the radio roars. I’m on Gray Street. The last thing I want on my first month in the force is a damn killer in my face. “I’ll keep my eye out, sir”, I respond unenthusiastically. I’m getting out of here, there’s no god damn way I’ll be chasing some fool on a fine Mississippi morning. I rev up the engine of my cruiser and attempt an escape of my own.
Be it fate, stupidity, or the devil’s own luck, I fail miserably. Facing my 11 o’clock, I spot him. Tall stature, black hoodie, and this sure as hell is Gray Street. As my suspect approaches closer, I face a crossroad. Now at my 10:30, my mind drives into hyper speed. Is my job really worth
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“Don’t you move boy”, I scream, attempting to secure authority. As hard as I try to avoid crossroads, they always come across in my path. The black guy screams words I cannot understand, and I’m somehow tempted to pull the trigger. The longer I look at him the more surprisingly aggravated I become. Of course it was the black guy, why wouldn’t it be the black guy. I’m out here pulling a Taser on an innocent man, perhaps scaring him to death while the real suspect is across the street. My trigger finger becomes heavy. He screams inaudibly again. “Shut up damn it, or so help me God, I will shoot right through you”, I threaten. He seems frightened and suddenly reaches into his pocket, I flinch. My finger pulls back. My gun kicks as my bullet goes soaring ahead. Blood comes rushing down his temple as he drops down on the cold, hard, Gray Street ground.
This is real life. This is not a damn simulation. That is not target practice. That is not a practice dummy. I’ve shot him. I have just shot him. This man is dead. I have killed this man. I have taken the bloody soul out of a man. How long have I been standing here? Twenty minutes seems about right. The radio perks up, “Update on code 10-48, suspect is a white male, black hoodie, armed with reported gunfire, visible scar on face and last seen leaving Gray Street. I want all units on him
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