Grease Play Analysis

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Grease Play Versus The Movie Grease

There is nothing like a good play and a movie to follow. After twenty years, “Grease” is still popular among many. “Chang chang changitty chang shoobop!” If you know the tune, you probably are familiar with the classical play and movie called “Grease”. Grease is a 1978 musical about two teens in the 50s who fall in love over the summer. What neither of them know is that they both attend Rydell High. Sandy hangs with the Pink Ladies, a group of teen girls who wear pink jackets Led by leader Rizzo. Danny is the leader of the T-Birds which is a group of leather jacket wearing bad boys. When they finally clash into each other Danny is not the same Danny from the summer. They try to be what the other
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Characters like Rizzo, Kenickie, Marty, Frenchy, Sonny, and Putzie stay the same. However, in the play the rivals were called the flaming dukes and never seen but in the movie ,the rivals were called the scorpions who rode on motorcycles, and the leader was named Leo. He was seen throughout the movie with characters such as Cha-cha. In the play, Danny and the boys are called the burger palace boys but in the movie they are called the T-birds , wore leather jackets, and drove and raced fast cars.
The movie lovers see Grease come alive on screen. Most movie fans feel the movie portray the characters better and bring them to life as opposed to the play, they feel important parts were cut out. The movie starts off with Danny and Sandy spending the summer together on the beach and falling in love. On the other hand, the play skips this part and goes straight to the school Alma Mater. Small things were changed to give the movie a more high school feel such as the high

Bankhead 3 school colors. In the movie the high school colors are red and white while in the play the colors are green and brown. In the movie Danny becomes a jock to get Sandy back and she become a hot bad girl wearing tights and heels to win Danny over. This part is not seen in the movie. There is a graduation carnival at the end of the movie but in the play this is not seen.
In conclusion, while some people prefer the musical play, there is also a large
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