Greasers Monologue

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On Monday, I opened the front doors to my school and was hit with a wave of voices and bickering from all sides of me. There was a semi-large group of people gathered around a newspaper page hung on the wall. After pushing through the group to see the newspaper, i recognized the two boys shown on the picture. It was Johnny and Ponyboy, both running frantically around a church engulfed in flames. This had been the talk of the town lately, how a couple of greasers rescued children from a burning building. I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on the conversation running through the group. Everyone was talking about how greasers could do something so heroic. But instead of sounding surprised, or even grateful the children were alive, they were calling Johnny and Ponyboy terrible things I don’t want to even begin to remember. Why? They’d been so brave, running into a burning building like that to save those children. Anyone else would’ve let them burn in there.…show more content…
Them being greasers doesn’t automatically mean they can’t be good people. Under those hood-like clothes and over-greased hair, they were good people. Maybe the Socs were the bad ones, judging the greasers like they do. Looks aren’t everything. Sure, there are some bad greasers, but what can you expect? They live in a bad part of town. There are bad Socs too. But that doesn’t mean everyone is bad. I wish people would just take a moment to realise that these labels are only hurting people. Someday, the world will understand this. People like Ponyboy will show them. Not everyone is as they seem on the
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