Great American Cities

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Cities consist of a mass of residents, businesses, and culture all concentrated into one specific area. With that being said, we can all agree that these things are important in order to make a city livable and preserve its diversity, residents, sidewalks, parks, and the sizes of its blocks. Everyone has their own opinion of what make a city livable. For instance, city planners also known as decentrist believe that the standard way of building a city was the right way of doing things. Their idea was to the centralize the city by endowing small towns. In the book “The Death and Life of Great American Cities” by Jane Jacobs, She introduces new principles in city planning and reconstruction. She believes that city planning isn't the conflict…show more content…
They contribute to three responsibilities that are very necessary to cultivate the very well-being of neighborhoods. The first responsibility being that they contribute to the safety of the neighborhood. Good an active sidewalks don't depend on police supervision to control its safety. It depends on "intricate, almost unconscious, network of voluntary controls and standards among the people themselves, and enforced by the people themselves."(Jacobs 32.) In other words, the eyes on the street. "Eyes on the Street" are the neighbors, people who are watching out of their windows. they are what we might call “call the natural proprietors of the street.”(Jacobs 35.) They are watching what's going on, they tend to do something when things go down such as criminal intent, there always watching. They protect and look out for pedestrians. For instance, when “The incident that attracted my attention was a suppressed struggle going on between a man and a little girl of eight or… her arms folded and a look of determination on her face.”(Jacobs 38-39.) She talks about the effects of Eyes on the street. Even though people did not know who the child and men were they proceeded to step up and intervened just in case but then it turns out the man was the little girl's
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