Great Barrier Reef Environmental Issues

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In this research project I am going to analyse (talk about the issues that you are going to look at) reef conservation, global warming and recreational fishing in Australia. I am going to look at three major political parties; Australian greens, labour party, liberal party.

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Me as a voter would look at the top for issues of the environment issues one is, reef health but also global warming and fishing because it is the biggest threat and also what I personally care about, but with global warming becoming more serious I think that it should be focused on more than anything else. Reef conservation is a very important topic because if the coalition (liberal) start mining the reef, the water quality will deteriorate and the habitats for fish and other sea creatures may get destroyed. Another threat to the great barrier reef is commercial prawn netting, because the nets go down into the reef water and get caught on the coral and can destroy the sea floor. Also catching by-catch destroys the reef because the by-catch may be a parrot fish or a surgeon fish that helps the reef control elegy levels(26). Commercial fishing can also cause species to go extinct. If species go extinct then the water conditions will go brown and deteriorate then global warming will melt the ice and will cause international flooding and destroy the $226 billion worth of structure along the beaches of Australia(8).
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The green party are all about thinking of the environment, the labour party are about building up the Australian economy in a safe way, and creating jobs in the process. The liberal party are all about money and international business, the liberals are also entertained by the idea of mining the
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