Great Bear Descriptive Writing

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On a cold December day in 2014, I found myself snowboarding down the small and very icy hill of Great Bear. On this chilly day there were very few people riding up the very bright red chair lift. As the very few that were there went down the hill you could hear as skis or snowboards slice through the thin layer of ice. From the Chair lift I can see everything on the hill and around the are.I was carefully examining the hill and the area they call the “ Terrain Park”. Little did I know this day would make the next few months very difficult. As I stare into this are marked as “most difficult” I see all of the features I know that I can do very easily. I make very many quick runs up and down the small hill of Great bear. I begin to notice new things that I had never attempted before. I begin to think to myself that it may not be a good idea on a frigid day like it had been. As I begin to keep coming back I knew that if I was going to try it that now would have to be the time. Thinking to myself that if I were to fall that would mean I was working harder then I had before…show more content…
A voice in my head was telling me not to try it as it had been very slick. I slowly rode past it about ten different times throughout the day. I had been very nervous to try new things throughout the year but once I had tried some of the other things I had gotten very comfortable with this sport that I had picked up a few years before. I then made my way halfway down the hill where the new rail was that I was going to try. This had been called the “Propane tank” and was very large compared to the other features in the terrain park. I made my way up the on ramp as I slowly begin to feel my self on the very slippery surface. As I begin to ride along I begin to feel myself slide off the left side as I try to get my board back onto the tank. Suddenly I begin to fall backward and my natural reaction made me put my hands down to stop my
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