Great Britain And The European Union

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The recent decision of Great Britain to leave the European Union coincides with the recent election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States. Both events can be explained by using economic and cultural arguments. In order to fully understand these occurrences, one must understand the economic anxiety as well as the anti-globalisation sentiment that surrounded the Brexit movement. Trump’s candidacy involves some of the same aspects, yet Trump’s voter demographic, the white, working class, must also be studied. In the end, it can be determined that there is arguably more of a cultural reasoning to these incidences.
The instances of Great Britain’s exit from the EU and the election of Donald Trump were both so originally downplayed that when both possibilities came to light, the world was in shock and awe. June 23, 2016 was the first shock as Great Britain held a referendum in order to decide the question of whether or not the country should remain within the European Union. Brexit was the winning vote. Political elites had been defeated and the complaints of the voters were heard. These complaints stemmed from economic anxiety within the country and the demise of the support of globalisation. The Economist article, “Drawbridges Up”, describes the way in which voters wished to take control of borders once again in order to slow the flow of immigrants and refugees.
The Trump candidacy shares some of the same fundamental aspects of Brexit yet Trumps true rise to
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