Great Britain And The United States

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This paper is a comparison of the lives of two influential statesmen in western culture, one British and the other American. Great Britain and the United States have had a long and sometimes complicated relationship throughout history. Who is theoretically the parent versus the child in the relationship between these two nations? Which nation building philosophy was best? Whose nation sustaining and building methods worked the best? Should or would our nation building goals ever the same? Our historical relationship might question that we have anything in common. A review of scholarly and popular literature of the day discusses commonalities in goals of both of these two political figures, securing wealth and influence for their…show more content…
Family finances forced William to temporarily abandon his dreams of Seminary studies at Allegheny College and he took a job as a postal worker. McKinley was finally able to pursue his studies at Allegheny College where he was admitted as a junior. Records indicate that Allegheny College list McKinley as a member of the class of 1864. McKinley did well at college and it was said that he had an amazing memory especially when it came to remembering faces and names. He was active in the community and participated in “town-ball,” the team sport of the time. McKinley did not graduate. There is a college legend that he was dismissed for pulling a prank. The story goes that put a cow in the belfry of Bentley Hall. There are no records that support that claim however there is some evidence that McKinley and his roommate lodged a goat in the belfry. The college has no record of punishment. When the civil war started McKinley who was teaching at the time, enlisted into the Union army, Twenty-third Ohio Volunteer Infantry in June 1861. He completed his 4 year enlistment excelling to the rank of brevet major. One thing of particular note in his military career was that as a commissioned officer, Second Lieutenant McKinley he served under Colonel Rutherford B. Hayes who would later become the 19th President of the United States. At the end of the war, McKinley returned to Ohio, and rekindled his law studies. He passed the bar exam in 1867 and
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