Great Events and Contributors in the Field of Mathematics

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History The pre-20th century saw great events which brought about various inventions and discoveries especially in the mathematics field. There were various people who made great contributions to the mathematics field which are applicable and still in use to date. This paper will therefore look at two among the many great events and the contributors of the events in the mathematics field. About 250BC there were various inventions and contributions by Archimedes who was considered as being among the greatest mathematicians in history. He is still honored for the various contributions he made in geometry, mechanics, physics and technology. He is listed among the three greatest mathematicians. His greatest contribution to the field of mathematics was particularly in the area of geometry. Aside from being a mathematician he was also an engineer who was accomplished in the field as well as an inventor he is was however thought to be obsessed with geometry. Among his great contributions were the discovery of how to find the volumes of spheres and he went ahead to discover the exact pi value which he calculated as well as devising the notion of mathematical exponents. pi which is a Greek letter is used in the description of ratios of circle's circumference an diameter. He pinpointed pi value as being between 3-10/71 and 3-1/7.this he arrived by inscription of a 96 sided polygon inside a circle. The discoveries were published in measurement of the circle. He also
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