Great Examples Of Quality Assurance Programs

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Great Examples of Quality Assurance Programs. The Development in the Workplace Quality assurance programs are designed to ensure customers and employees receive the utmost quality from a business. The program involves a checks and balances system established to monitor workers and productivity within a quality assurance program. According to Kuhn’s article “an effective quality/reliability improvement program should be built upon well-integrated planning and control system that extends and refines existing departmental activities…” (10). Businesses with successful quality assurance programs examine customer satisfaction and overall employee relations within the workplace. Ponder explains that “when management does not take QA seriously or…show more content…
Global competitiveness had increased the need to invest more into the efficiency of management and importance of having and understanding globalized standards (Aba and Badar 42). The ISO 9000 was created in 1987 and is a series of quality management standards. The ISO 9000 standards is so malleable that they are updated and changed roughly every three years since their endorsement (Aba and Badar 42). Because the ISO is versatile, certified companies are guaranteed exemplar standards being implemented regularly. Quazi and Padibjo (1998) stated that certified companies saw an improvement in their quality and an increase in their sales and market share (as cited in Aba and Badar 45). A benefit of ISO 9000 is that it highlights an effective system of quality that is an abetment in eliminating errors which in turn saves money (Aba and Badar 43-44). On reviews of a financial and scale efficiency, it was revealed that ISO certified businesses are more efficient than businesses that are not certified (Aba and Badar 45). The ISO set the foundation for company standards and established fundamental properties for further research in developing prosperous quality assurance programs. Radical Quality Assurance Radical quality assurance identifies common problems and creates solutions before project contracts are signed, therefore increasing the chances of a successful project (Chabursky 29). Radical QA was designed for customers and contractors to create pragmatic
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