Great Expectations - A Cinderella Story Essay

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Great Expectations - A Cinderella Story

In the profound novel, Great Expectations, written by Charles Dickens, the main character "Pip" is put through many tests that examine the type of man Pip strives to be and the type of man Pip really is. Pip's relationships with two central characters, Tom and Magwitch, are examined closely in this essay, and through these relationships, Pip's character is visible. Great Expectations is, in a sense, a Cinderella story in which Pip's fairy godmother turns out to be a convict running from the law. This "amulet" gives Pip a gift that changes Pip and his life. In the beginning of the novel, Pip is a young boy that lives in an inhospitable home with his older sister and her husband. …show more content…

Over the course of many visits with these two ladies, his idea of the standard of living feels inadequate to
Pip, and he longs to become a "gentleman". A new insight of Pip is shown to the reader due to a glimpse the reader is given into Pip's new perception of Joe's and his "thick boots and course hands" which is revealed through Pip's internal dialogue:

I took the opportunity of being alone in the court-yard, to look at my coarse hands and my common boots. My opinion of those accessories was not favorable. They had never troubled me before, but they troubled me now, as vulgar appendages… I whished Joe had been rather more genteelly brought up, and then I should have been so too.

Through all of Tom's devotion to Pip, Pip time and time again shows his ungratefulness towards Tom through his many actions. Tom's relationship is important in Pip's life because Tom was Pip's strength, although Pip never sees this.

Magwitch, a convict that becomes Pip's benefactor, is the second vital person in Pip's life. Magwitch devotes his life to support Pip, and becomes Pip's benefactor in the novel. When Pip learns of Magwitch's benevolence, he cannot forgive Magwitch for the life Magwitch has led and the mistakes he has made. Pip cannot let go of this, and through
Magwitch's many attempts to get close to Pip, Pip never yields to him.
A point given by critic Christopher Morris is Pip's visit to
Magwitch's death bed when Pip

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