Great Expectations Analysis

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Every character was written has a backstory that contributes to the plot. In Charles Dickens’, Great Expectations, every character from Pip to Molly has a secret that adds to the storyline. Great Expectations sets in the early nineteenth century, therefore social class is everything. Passed down from generation to generation, family businesses have kept the family from moving up in society. For Pip, the protagonist, that's all he truly wants; Pip wants to become a gentleman and become worthy of his love, Estella, despite being a poor orphan and an apprentice of a blacksmith. Similar to Dickens’ rough childhood, Pip didn’t want this family or their struggle to define him. However, even the rich have their problems. For example, Miss Havisham lets her past affects how she lives on a day-to-day basis. One unfortunate event has led her to live her life in sorrow and depression and it affects everyone around her, especially her adopted daughter, Estella. Even, the convict, Abel Magwitch, lets his past encounters command his future actions. Under the consequences, Charles Dickens’, characters from Great Expectations, like Pip, Miss Havisham, Estella, and Magwitch, have all let their past affect their future, as a result, the plot.
It all started with Dickens himself, he had a rough childhood that was somewhat similar to the main character, Pip. Both were raised in England and put to work at a very young age. However, Dickens had parents, but his father was in prison and his
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