Great Expectations And Little Red Riding Cap

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In this essay, I will argue the ways in which point of view is significant in the interpretation of any two texts studied on the course. The two texts that I will be examining are Great Expectations and Little Red Riding Cap. Firstly, I will present to you the meaning and definition of Formalization. From there I will introduce the tale of Great Expectations, giving a detailed summary of the book and its themes. Then I will show the different examples of formalization within the tale and how this literary technique aids the reader in understanding the narrative. For the second half of this essay, I will then delve into the Brothers Grimm’s telling of Little Red Riding Cap, where I will once again give a summary of the story along with…show more content…
The story is written in first person, mostly considered as an older Pip recounting his life’s story, however it can be viewed as a first-person narration at times with a younger Pip speaking.

The story starts with the main character and whom the book follows from his start as a young orphan into a Victorian Gentleman, Pip, living with his sister and her husband in Kent. One day as he looks upon his parent’s tomes, he encounters an escaped convict who demands Pip to fetch him food and something to take his iron chains off with. Pip obliges, however in spite of this the convict is duly captured, but, to spare Pip, the convict explains that it was him who stole the food.

One day Pip is taken to play at a large house, the house belongs to the character Miss Havisham who is portrayed as an extremely eccentric person. It is during these visits that the young Pip meets Miss Havisham’s daughter Estella, who never displays any form of affection for Pip and treats him contemptuously. Nevertheless, Pip falls in love and it his dream to become a gentleman and marry Estella.

Pips life however is not turning out as he wants and he becomes an apprentice to his brother in-law Joe, until one fateful day, a lawyer named Jagger’s informs him that a secret benefactor has left Pip with a large fortune. Excited with the news Pip agrees to go to London immediately so he can learn the ways of a gentleman. In hope that it is indeed Miss

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