Great Expectations By Charles Dickens

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A boy works on the field, tirelessly for five hours as the sun showers its heat and bright light upon his face, causing streams of sweat to roll down his face, making him seem as tired as he could ever be. Suddenly, a bright and colorful carriage approaches the corn field, and inside it, a woman whose power and wealth surprasses that of the farmer. As he walks towards the carriage with pride, the lady, who you would expect to be sincere, instead kicks him the chest, and insults the man’s status and poor lifestyle. Many would expect that creating equality among all is as easy as making a pie, but even if it can be achieved, one obstacle stands in the way of that future: social injustice. Through Dickens’ work of literature, Great Expectations, it delivers us the message of how one person can change another’s view on themselves and the ones they love. As Great Expectations opens, Pip is hardly aware of his social and educational condition, but as he becomes exposed to Estella, his consciousness becomes more astute and he desires self-improvement. Since social injustice is invisible to many individuals, Charles Dickens makes the invisible visible to his readers, by incorporating the literary device of characterization. Estella, daughter of Miss Havisham, is not as compassionate and sincere one would expect from a noblewoman, and instead, she is the opposite. Fueled by cruelty and hatred, Estella’s characterizations exemplifies the shallow upper class, and how her opinions on

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