Great Expectations By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Throughout Great Expectations, the main character Pip seems to undergo a transformation. He starts off as a common boy who will soon be a blacksmith apprentice and will learn from his sister 's husband, Joe, who also acts as a father figure for Pip. Pip has a lot of respect for money and strongly desires to become a gentleman to impress the girl that he is in love with, Estella. Because of this he travels to London where he learns the way of a gentleman. With the people that Pip knows back home and the new ones that he meets in London, his behavior and attitude is clearly influenced by the people that he surrounds himself with. Sometimes it’s a good influence and other times it’s not. Pip also seems to have a set idea of what a gentleman is and because of that he misinterprets what an actual gentleman is suppose to be like. As a young boy Pip and Joe have a very good relationship. It seems as if Joe is actually the only one who doesn’t treat Pip cruelly or judges him because of what class he belongs to. Joe is a very kind man with a big heart and throughout the whole movie sticks by Pips side. He is a hard worker and wants what’s best for Pip. In the beginning Pip looks forward to becoming Joe’s apprentice and becoming a blacksmith like him. Pip doesn’t have a dad but Joe fills that void and treats Pip as if he was his own. Joe for even a common laborer seems to have some manners that a gentleman would have. When Jaggers goes to Joe 's house in search of Pip, Joe makes
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