Great Expectations Character Analysis

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In the novel Great Expectations, few characters experience different feelings. These feelings include love, hate, sadness, regret, and bitterness. The feeling that I latched onto was bitterness; the bitterness of Miss Havisham and Estella. The rottenness they have in their hearts is easy to witness in the story. Havisham and Estella were set on breaking men’s hearts, and there was no sympathy for any. Our first experience with Estella does not directly show us her true colors. At the time, she was only Pip’s age and it was common for young girls to be haughty and short with boys. Overall, she did not seem to be the type to go around breaking hearts. Being only kids, she was not particularly fond of Pip and was rude to him. It was not out of the ordinary for this sort of thing to happen kids are mean to each other and say hurtful comments. However, our first greeting of Miss Havisham tells us the opposite. The first time meeting Miss Havisham is the same as Estella. While Pip and Estella are playing cards, Miss Havisham tells Estella, “Break his heart.” At this point, we knew that she had something against the male culture, and we could gather that one man had ruined her tenderness. An odd woman that she does not care for men anymore is what she has become. Estella is being “trained” to be the same way and to ruin them the way they ruined her. We can witness this behavior being exhibited throughout the whole story, and realize what Miss Havisham is doing to Estella. Miss
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