Great Expectations Character Analysis

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Great Expectations is a novel surrounding a young orphan named Pip. Pip is ambitious and hard working kid who is determined and self-motivated, Pip is so in such ways in a sense of, he always is trying to improve himself, hence the title Great Expectations. Pip has great expectations for himself and plans on obtaining them, the theme is represented by self-improvement, ambition, and drive. These things affect Pip in great, and also not so great ways, he often finds himself with the lower hand in situations but doesn’t stop. His self criticism drives himself to abuse by himself, whenever Pip finds himself doing something immoral, he can’t help but be hard on himself due to his critiques. Pip begins life in a guilty environment. He lives with his sister and her husband Joe, the blacksmith. Mrs. Joe continually makes Pip feel guilty for living when the rest of the family, their parents and five brothers, are lying in the churchyard. It is continually mentioned in the first few chapters by Mrs. Joe and her friends that Pip is lucky that Mrs. Joe has taken on the awful task of bringing him up ‘by hand.’ She makes him feel guilty for just about everything he does, thus leading to his self criticism brought on now. Pip is playing in the cemetery in the marshes near his home. Pip is studying the graves of his parents when a convict surprises him. The convict turns Pip upside down, looking for food. After finding a piece of bread and eating it, the convict sends Pip home with orders
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