Great Expectations Coming Of Age Essay

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To come of age means to mature as the character develops emotionally and socially. Pip in the Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is an exceptional case as he does not come of age before he reaches adulthood, he comes of age after. Pip is able to transform from an idealist who feels like he is entitled to everything and acts like a child if he does not get it, to a realist who understands that the world does not revolve around him and nobody is entitled to give him anything if they so please. What leads to Pip's transformation is when Miss Havisham asks for Pip's forgiveness and Pip states he has already forgiven her. Forgiveness is what allows Pip to let go of the need of validation and allow to find his true happiness. Before such a pivotal moment, Pip was absorbed into becoming the best gentleman there was. What inspired him to change social classes was when he first met Estella who made fun his "coarse and common" hands. He was so infatuated with Estella and desperately wanted to be accepted by both Estella and Miss Havisham that he believed becoming wealthy was the only way they'd accept him. Through obtaining wealth, he thought Miss Havisham accepted him by being his benefactor (as if…show more content…
Not everyone is able to mature and be self aware by the time they enter their early 20s, sometimes it takes after being an adult and losing all your financial and social stability to come of age. To come of age means to accept one's mistakes and grow from them. To come of age means to be self aware. To come of age means to have great expectations that are based on your desires in life. The reason why Pip was so miserable most of his life was because he was too focused on what other people thought of him and how to be enough for them. Only after coming of age does Pip his own great expectations and how to make himself truly happy through accepting who he once was in the
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