Great Expectations: Secrets

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Bailey Baith Great Expectations Adv. English 11 March 9, 2013 Secrets A secret always has reasoning behind how long it is kept hidden and when it is revealed. There’s always a perfect time and place for one to share one’s secret. Uniquely books have secrets embedded within to keep the reader on edge. If used wisely by the author, a secrets purpose can affect a novel’s story line, character development, and theme. Every secret throughout Dickens’ novel Great Expectations is effectively kept hidden and divulged at a certain moment, to allow the reader to contemplate the influence of social status and relationships on happiness. “Keep still, you little devil, or I’ll cut your throat!” (Dickens, 2) At the beginning of Great…show more content…
This selfless act redeems Miss Havisham as a character who has been living in the past who comes to terms with her role in the destruction of Estella, the one person who always loved her. As a minor character Molly’s secret plays a big role in Pip’s life. The first confrontation of Molly takes place at Jagger’s house when Pip is invited over for dinner. Upon laying eyes upon her, Pip gives us a brief description of her dark faded appearance. “Her face looked to me as if it were all disturbed by fiery air,” (Dickens 166) the face of someone who has The main storyline has to do with Pip’s expectations of becoming a gentleman. To do this he received help from a secret benefactor. For the first half of the novel Pip is convinced that Miss Havisham is the one doing this so one day he and Estella can be together. Dickens creates a story around Pip’s assumption to make this a very logical explanation. Coincidentally right after Pip realizes and confirms he was wrong about his benefactor, an unexpected character reappears. “You acted nobly, my boy,” said he. “Noble Pip! And I have never forgot it!” (Dickens 248) These words ring out of his benefactor’s name. Who appears to be the escaped convict from the beginning who threatened him, known by the name of Magwitch. Magwitch reveals that ever since that day in the graveyard when Pip returned to give him what he requested he has found a job to help Pip out for what he did for him. By doing this secretly for all this
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