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Chapter one of the novel Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is a very important chapter to the novel; it introduces the reader to the novel. Charles Dickens uses a number of different methods and techniques to do this.

At the beginning of the chapter Dickens introduces Pip, the main character in the novel. The audience get to know a little about Pip's background and his life, Dickens makes it evident right from the beginning that this story is about Pip.

We notice that Dickens writes in the first person, he writes as if he is Pip. We see the story through Pip's eyes, through the eyes of a child because of this. By using this technique, Dickens makes us feel like we are closer to Pip. It makes us feel as if we are actually
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This jibbet also gives us a hint about the Convict who is condemned to death.

Just as everything seems quiet and plane Dickens uses the convicts shock entrance to shatter the description before it. Everything on the marshes is disrupted by the convict shouting 'Hold your noise!'

Dickens uses language that is fierce and terrifying to describe the convict. The negative lexis shows Pip's negative feelings towards the convict and because we see that Pip feels scared of the convict we, the audience feel hatred towards him as we have come to care about Pip in the short part of the story that we have already read. We feel this way about the convict right up until Jo sympathises with him saying
'Poor fellow human creature', we also begin to sympathise when we see
Jo acting like this.

Dickens fools us by allowing us to believe that the convict is gone for good. We forget about him, we don't think that he is an important part of the story until later on in the novel. Later in the novel we are shocked to find out that ironically, Miss Havisham did not give
Pip the 'great expectations' at all, but the convict did. We learn that the convict did everything in his power; he did everything he possibly could have done for Pip and then he died at the end of it all for him. Our first impressions of the convict are all wrong, but we are let to believe them to be true so we

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