Great Gatsby Disillusionment Analysis

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The Great Gatsby is a tale of of the rich and their fantastical fancies. This novel has become representative of America’s roaring twenties and Fitzgerald praised posthumously for his work. However, Sven Birkets states that The Great Gatsby is a story of disillusionment and hope and I must say that I agree with this assertion. By reading carefully and looking into the hidden messages of The Great Gatsby, readers will begin to have a glimpse into the heads of the rich, seeing and feeling their outlandish problems and pastimes. Jay Gatsby is a prime example of these fevered dreams and the Buchanans represent how deceiving these illusions can be at their point of culmination. Gatsby spent all of his time after the war dreaming of Daisy and…show more content…
Although their relationship is strained there is still something between them that keeps them together which Gatsby just can’t see or understand. To him Daisy loved only him and no one could compare, but somehow Tom did, he had taken the place that Gatsby left unattended during the war. Tom appeared in Daisy’s darkest hour, “She wanted her life shaped now-and the decision must be made by some force… That force took shape in the middle of spring with the arrival of Tom Buchanan.” (151) Daisy grew up over in those short years that Gatsby was away, and with her maturity came a change that would eventually pierce the wonderful world of Gatsby. The Buchanan family was the result of this change, although the couple has quiet disputes, as all marriages contain, they remained together and strong. Their bond remaining strong was when Gatsby finally began to become disillusioned with his paradise, but he was determined and hopeful to the bitter end. Throughout the novel, Gatsby is throwing parties and hoping Daisy will wander in, he finally finds a link to her in Nick and hopes she will sit with him in front of a fireplace one more time, and even when defeated by Tom, Gatsby remains ever faithful, watching over Daisy all through the night. This fighting spirit is held back by Tom, who needs to feel like he’s ahead, after all he’s been ahead all his life. By being a
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