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Ladan Abdullahi Ms. Bhela ENG3U0-E 28 January 2012 Materialism in The Great Gatsby Every writer has an inspiration, whether they get inspired from their personal lives or the lives of others, nonetheless they get inspired. Inspiration is what causes others to write, it is the fundamental reasoning behind writing. F. Scott Fitzgerald is no exception. The Great Gatsby is a classic American Novel that focuses on timeless themes such as ambition, greed and finally love. F. Scott Fitzgerald was inspired by various factors in his lifetime that led him to write The Great Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s personal experiences and the time period in which he lived influenced him to write The Great Gatsby in which he communicated the…show more content…
Daisy kills Myrtle, a lower class woman. Daisy runs over myrtle with a Jay Gatsby’s car without his knowledge, and does not assist him when he is blamed for her murder. Afterwards, Daisy does not He talks about how they smashed people up and then, "retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together…" (Fitzgerald, F. Scott 188). Nick points out the similarity between Tom and Daisy’s characters and attitudes about money. Tom and Daisy were concerned not only with the money, but everything that went along with being wealthy. Daisy's carelessness reveals her corruption. Daisy Buchanan uses her wealth and social position to escape any problems. Daisy Buchanan flees from the murder of Tom’s mistress Myrtle. Daisy uses Gatsby’s car to kill Myrtle and allows Gatsby to take the blame, thus proving her corruption. Daisy did not want to risk leaving the east egg, a place of high economic standing. Daisy’s actions exemplify the dishonest use of power for personal gain. Daisy uses her money as a means to take advantage of people from a lower class such as Myrtle. The materialistic nature that Daisy exhibits corrupts her and causes her to become a self-centered and callous person. Daisy's attachment to wealth causes her corrupted. Furthermore, Daisy's materialistic attitude causes her to show no compassion for human beings altogether. Daisy Buchanan is a woman of higher

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