Great Gatsby: Movie vs Book

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The Great Gatsby

I: All throughout grade school and even high school, my teachers, parents, and even friends told me not to take the easy way out when it comes to books. Always read the book before the movie. I usually took the easy way out, watched the movie, and then skim the book. After doing this project I see what everyone was talking about. The book is much better than the movie, it gives you more of a sense of what is going on, a greater sense of when the story takes place, and it gives the characters more definition.
II: The book and movie give very specific details to show where and when the story took place. The book and movie takes us back to the 1920's after the civil war. There were two odd formations of land off the coast of
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The reality of this is that Daisy lives a very comfortable life with no worries or complaints about it, and she would never leave Tom, who fulfills her every desire for a man like Gatsby. Also, both the book and movie were centered around Gatsby, readers of the book, and audiences of the movie are drawn toward his sense of mystery, how no one really knows what he does, or what he had done to get all of his money and popularity. He is a person people want to be, people want to know, people want to talk about. He is, in a sense a celebrity, by today's standards.
In the book and the movie, the protagonist is Nick Carraway, he is the person with the good intentions, but he ends up leaving and going back to his hometown to marry a girl that has been waiting for him.
Jay Gatsby is, by far, the most complex character in both the book and the movie. He is a very mysterious person, he doesn't tell anyone anything about his past. The book shows this in more depth than the movie does, it captures his sense of mystery, and it is almost pouring out of every page. He is also a prime example of how money can't buy happiness, he had a very large mansion, he threw lavish parties, he had first editions, he had many servants, and he had the best suits, but he didn't have anyone to love him, Daisy, in the same way he loved her.
IV: In both the movie and the book the plot is basically the same. A man, Nick Carraway leaves his small town life
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