Great Gatsby Speech

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Yes, and I thank you for this opportunity. Josh, while I can understand why you might think that way, I couldn’t disagree more with your view that Gatsby was unable to achieve the American Dream. In the traditional sense, the American Dream, as you have alluded to before, is the belief that anyone, in any social class or background, can achieve their goals through hard work. As you have also mentioned before, the American Dream was corrupted during the Roaring 20s period, in which the sole focus of the Dream was on its materialistic side of wealth and power, which I believe Gatsby has accomplished. Similar to the characters that reside in the Valley of the Ashes, Jay Gatsby came from humble roots, born James Gatz to poor farmers in North Dakota. Pursuing a life of wealth and prosperity, Gatsby left his…show more content…
While I agree with you on the fact that Gatsby is stuck in the past and longs to repeat it, I personally think that his love for Daisy represents Gatsby’s innocence. In order to win back Daisy, Gatsby has devoted his life towards her, amassing wealth and striving to become a part of the Old Money, hosting parties and building his mansion across the waters from the Buchanans, all of which are things which Gatsby believes will appeal to Daisy. While Gatsby ultimately fails in convincing Daisy to repeat the past and be with him again, his unyielding optimism and persistence in trying to achieve an impossible goal, as seen when he takes responsibility for Myrtle’s death, and belief that Daisy called him in his final moments, is what separates him from the other characters, resulting in Nick Carraway describing Gatsby as being “worth the whole damn bunch put together”, and what makes him perhaps the best example of someone in the book who has achieved the American
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