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Writing Task 2 on Great Gatsby Question: How and why is a social group represented in a particular way? The Great Gatsby presents different social groups to embody and transmit the idea that each class has it’s own problems to prevail over and unhappiness transcends over all the social classes. The problems in each group, despite the social stratification, reveal the instability of the world they live in. The three classes are old money, new money, and no money in which all three believe their own rules of survival in society and enforce boundaries between social classes. Fitzgerald uses the similarities between the poor and the rich to reinforce his opinion and his characterization of the upper class. The new rich represented by…show more content…
Since they were born into money they do not work and rarely do they ever speak about business instead they entertain themselves with whatever pleases them. The old rich lack the ability to see the essence of others and themselves due to their superficiality and judgmental attitudes. They scorn the new rich because they do not have the elegance and subtlety that the old rich possesses. However what the old rich lack is heart. They are inconsiderate people who use their money to replace emotions and avoid the guilt of hurting other people. The Buchanan’s show this when they buy a bigger house far away and purposely miss Gatsby’s funeral. Their money allows them to remove themselves physically and emotionally from the tragedy they just witnessed. Fitzgerald uses the no money class to make a strong statement as well. Nick although he doesn’t have money proves himself to be an honorable man. Almost immediately social discomfort is characterized by the Buchanan marriage however the affairs and actions of the old rich eventually lead to similarities between the wealthy and the poor. George and Myrtle’s interaction with the wealthy serve as a reinforcement for Fitzgerald’s social commentary on the rich. Myrtle is like Tom and she displays the same qualities that he does. She tries to exert a sort of superiority with her husband just as Tom does with people who he considers inferior to him. Myrtle’s actions cause the rich’s behavior to be seen as absurd and ridiculous by the
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