Great Hammerhead Shark Migration Essay

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Recent studies from the article “Hammerhead shark migration gives new hope for conservation” discusses how these hammerhead sharks have been listed onto the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) since 2007, also having certain regulation about international trade threatening species going extinct. Dr. Tristian Guthridge explains the benefits of understanding the shark’s behavior and more research of where these sharks are migrating, and possibly manage the time of fishing in the areas to eliminate human and shark altercations. With the wide spread of ocean water it can be difficult to study the traveling of sharks; however, the research group was able to tag the sharks “with both acoustic and satellite tag, and use photo identification and laser photogrammetry” (Charlie Huveneers).
During the observation, the shark’s motions and
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Dr. Charlie Huveneers personal first hand data proved that the great hammerhead sharks are very migratory. Using this data to Tag, Photo, and researching their movements. He believes this can be very useful to the future of this endangered species. Great Hammerhead sharks travel a vast migration 3030 km or more. FUCK!! Oh my bad. I didn’t take my meds and shit. Anyway, using this information Dr. Huveneers considers that this species is being over fished by trophy hunters due to their long migratory patterns and range of environmental range. I personal believe that not only did Dr. Huveneers did an outstanding job on the research for this article. This article in a scholarly article a lot of scientific terms and evidence came alone with it. My understanding of these gorgeous animals shows a lot of appreciation not only for the science behind it all but the respect for this animal I share this world with. Needless to say, I do hope your respect for this animals are at the same level as
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