Great Inventions and the Patents for Them Essay example

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According to the report from the USPTO, there are totally 576,763 patent applications in 2012. (1) Every single patient required the patient to make the engineering drawing to show how does the work looks like, then produce it and keep one testing and upgrading before sending the application to the government. Once they pass the application, probably they won’t be worried about the future living anymore. When the inventor got an idea, the very first step he may want to do is draw it out. He will use the picture to show his work’s shape, the motion, the details and the materials. Since the beginning of creating an invention, make an engineering drawing is so important. There are so many great inventions in the world, but before they come to the public, they were just a piece a paper

When it comes to the greatest invention of the 19th century, people all have their own answer. I think the greatest invention is aircraft. Started from history, there were so many people that looking forward to the sky. The human body is too heavy for flying like a bird, so people gave a piece of paper's ability to fly, and that is how Chinese people use bamboo and paper making the kite around 549AD. (2) However, how making a people fly. Nowadays, people jump from a helicopter and glide like a flying squirrel depend on the study of aerodynamics, but actually a piece of old engineering drawing from all the ways back to 14th century shows that an old man was designing how to make a human flying…