Great Issues in Western Civilization Essay

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Great Issues in Western Civilization

A great issue can be defined in many ways; one way is how it effects people and how many people it effects. Of course it is based on the fact that it is great; and it wouldn’t be great unless people were affected by it. Then the question is what is an issue, and what makes an issue. First of all, every issue has to have more then one side, and each side has their own point of view. This point of view is usually very ethnocentric as well. Secondly, every point of view is seen with a different perspective, which no one else can see. It all depends on who the source is and what makes up their background. Every human has been socialized in some way, and these circumstances factor into the making of a
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No longer was the pope in control of the nations, but instead individual conscience, religious tolerance, and the awareness of cultural and national differences began to work its way as becoming part of our world today. Luther and his influence directed the transformation of the church that has paved the way for the Enlightenment that was to come.
Then there is writer and philosopher Voltaire, who is commonly known “the Father of the Enlightenment.” Without Voltaire our society would not be where it is today. He made very difficult issues easy for the public to understand. In doing this he advanced this world to a level that they have never seen before. He advocated old order and brought in a new order based on reason, science, and tolerance. With his rationalism our society was able to advance more quickly then ever before, and it led to a new way of life.
Karl Marx saw the plight of the poor, but he also saw their potential power. Without knowing it, he actually became the founder of sociology. He saw that culture, social structures, and relations of production all are influenced by the economic base that a country has. He basically created great issues. There was also Charles Darwin, which completely changed the face of scientific studies. Charles Darwin’s ideas gave good reason for those who wanted to break away from the restraints of society and religion and
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