Great Leaders In Animal Farm

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In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, animals overthrow the human leader of the farm known as Mr. Jones and take control of the farm. The is a battle for power for the leader of Animal farm between two pigs, Napoleon and Snowball. Both are very different in the way they lead, their values, and their personalities. The animals followed them because they were in the position of a leader. Yet I believe that the true definition of leadership is not the position of a leader but the art of influencing and directing people in such a way that will win their confidence , respect and loyalty to achieve common goals. This type of leadership can be found in history with businessmen such as Henry Ford, today with President Donald J. Trump, and in my own life with my little league baseball coach.

Throughout history there has been many influential leaders, but one of
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The team was made up of kids that had all grown up together and I joined when I was thirteen. During our first week of practice and games I knew the kind of person Coach Miller was, he brought energy, he had fun, held us to a high standard, and he put in so much work to our team even though he was the varsity baseball coach at Wheat Ridge H.S.
He immediately gained my respect and I not only played for myself and my teammates but for him. We traveled to Arizona last spring to a National Invitational Tournament, our neighborhood team from Golden, CO playing Club Teams from California and Arizona. Coach Miller had the confidence and trust in us to win every game so we played for each other and we played for him. We won, and we won, and we won until we were 6-0 and champions of the tournament. We were a good team, but without a coach like ours, our small little team from Golden, CO wouldn’t be the team we
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