Great Men Need Not Be Good Men

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Great men need not be good men. Greatness outweighs good qualities in an individual. It is defined as a state of superiority, a quality possessed by several individuals who stand out from the normal social construct. This quality places an individual under the admiration of the masses. It gives the individual a superior advantage over his fellow counterparts in a specific area of interest in which he has attained greatness. One is only regarded as a great when he has reached the pinnacle of success in his area of interest. On the other hand good is a quality possessed by a fairly larger amount of society in comparison to those who possess greatness. Good is a quality that requires an individual to uphold ethically sound qualities in…show more content…
He failed a drug test in 1994 and was pulled out of the Argentina squad for the during the world cup tournament. During his divorce procedures it was found that he had fathered a child out of wedlock. To round off the list unacceptable ‘sins’ committed by Maradona, he reportedly owns the Italian government 37 million euros in takes alone. Out of which he has only paid an amusing amount of 24,000 euros. In terms of goodness Maradona is not the perfect role model upholding ethically sound decisions in his private life. It is unquestionable that he is an ethically unsound individual; there is no arguing that.
It can be argued as to what defines morality. Morality in different societies can also be questioned. For example in the Bible it states that it is immoral for one man to have a sexual relationship with another woman once he’s married. On the other hand in the Quran it seems that it is perfectly all right that the Prophet had sexual relationships with 13 women. Aren’t we all human beings regardless of race and religion and shouldn’t the same ethical boundaries placed on all of us? This may seem irrelevant but the point being highlighted here is that there are differing opinions to morality. One’s goodness is more amplified when he increases in greatness. He comes under the scrutiny of moral obligations from the masses. Is it not a fact that there are many others who consume drugs and fall prey to drug addiction? Why are they not put under the
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