Great Philosophers and Lives Well Lived

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There have been many great philosophers throughout time. Socrates, Thomas Aquinas and Rene Descartes all lived during different times. This gave each of them different insights, which helped to create their philosophies and principles of their philosophies. Each philosopher also had a different means as to how they delivered their ideas and teachings. With so many differences the three had one thing in common: A love for wisdom, and the need to share it with others. Socrates was a great philosopher from Ancient Greece. He was the teacher of Plato and Aristotle. While Socrates did not write down what he taught those who studied with him and underneath him made sure his works and legacy would live on. When the class was first…show more content…
In “On the Principles of Nature”, Aquinas expounded upon the natural philosophies of Aristotle. Aquinas established his three principles to be form, matter, and privation (Aquinas 19). Matter was being in potency, Privation was not-being-in-act, and from was that through which it becomes actual, namely form. Matter and form were principles of being. Neither existed absolutely. Form was the principle of actuality and perfection, while matter was the principle of potentiality and imperfection. Form is what make a thing what it is, and matter is what a thing can be. Matter become form. This is known as Generation (Aquinas 19). Aquinas also used the same four causes which Aristotle used, efficient, material, formal, and final. Aquinas broke things down to the smallest level possible when evaluating them. He did all of this in an attempt to help further explain the soul and the rational soul. He tried to explain it all through reason and the investigation of causes using his principles. This pursuit of Aquinas was inspired by the wonder he had from Theology and Aristotle.
The second work of Aquinas, which the class was introduced, further carried on with the previous themes. In “The Love of Wisdom”, Aquinas once again was working off of teachings by Aristotle. This time he worked in a different style than he had previously. Aquinas broke down the teachings of Aristotle as he had not done before. He tried to make the
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