Great Power Comes With Great Responsibility

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Great power comes with great responsibility. She needed to start educate her employees properly about company’s policy and all the procedure they need to know once someone ask for return or exchange and also give them power to let them decide to do the right things. They need to recognize that a decent performance is a must and they need manager’s approval for any situation like return or exchange since this is not the store’s policy to return even to help our lost prevention department. Staff needs to have sufficient power to deliberate in each situation and accomplish accordingly. The main key here is to focus on the employees training and get them conscientious for their transactions. One of the key competencies organizations require is to develop a capacity to execute informative and applicable training effectively. My organization had a poor record in this area, and the need to improve this capacity is getting more urgent every year for them. In my opinion, the store managers could request Human Resources team to assign internal or external educators to teach managerial courses and motivate the store’s manager to participate in the ones they thought they would be the most effective for them and they could carry all those information into their stores and train their staff efficiently. HR departments provide both the backbone and the arms of any organizational change initiative. The people in our HR kept on saying that they don’t have time to focus on additional
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