Essay about Great Power Hegemony

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Name: Sayed Jamaluddin Firozi,
St no: 1B1019

Great power hegemony

There is a question that which system (empire, balance of power, concert of power or great power hegemony) provides the best conditions for advancing peace, prosperity and civilization? There are several opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of each system and the functions, abilities and disabilities of them to maintaining the peace and stability in international arena. But I want to argue on hegemonic power system as a preventer of war among states and a maintainer of peace as comparison to other suggested types of system for advancing peace, stability and civilization in all over the world. Hegemonic power system is the best system for
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For example USA as a hegemonic state “pays the 22 percent regular expenditure of United Nation and 25 percent of the budget while UN goes for peacekeeping operations around the world. On the other hand, “the system of balance of power doesn’t seem to contribute the cooperation among states but in contrast it pushes the states to go for a competition and armament race because each state in the system will increase its capabilities to make the balance in the system. Eventually this competition will lead nation state to build its arm forces”. However, there are some arguments about the weakness of hegemonic power to prevent states from going to war. They argue that hegemonic power has its own limitations in term of internal and external barriers to go as policeman around the world. This arguments see very good and logic. But they don’t have any proposal that which system could be the best to make the world more peaceful and prosperous. So, despite these points of view the other types of system such as balance of power or concert of power likely aren’t good replacement for great power hegemony system to be succeeded for making peace and stability in the world. So I will try to give more examples from history of international relations to show the other systems (empire and balance of power or concert of power) couldn’t make a stable and peaceful world. But mostly went to war and there was fear of attack from other
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