Great Pride And Respectability For One 's Achievements

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To take great pride and respectability for one’s achievements is to understand the underlying foundation of the term ‘glory’. The term itself is as authoritative and pertinent as the portrayal it signifies in the historical film Glory. The representations of honorable historical figures such as Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, Frederick Douglass and Jefferson Davis, not only seems to shed light upon the particular instances that built up to the outset of the Civil War, but also demonstrates their persona’s as different individuals with ultimately the same intention; to hold power. Their strong-willed characteristics strengthened by their ambitions shows not only their virtue but also their intense desire to bring the war and controversies to an end, for it was Col. Shaw that stated “someone has to win”. 1 In the hard enduring times of war, almost everything is seen as either a win or a loss. Though in order for one side to win, the other must face a consequential downfall accompanied by bloodshed and the loss of the brave souls. It can be argued that a struggle in warfare is a result of two opposing sides on the same controversial issue, for that is undoubtedly the case for the Civil War/ Abolitionist movement. Taking a leap back into the history of The United States in the era of the 1860’s, one would expect to see a rise in tension as the economic and social platforms were abruptly changing. The North and the South, as it was then seen, were fighting for the “survival of the
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