Great Prosperity and Growth in America's 1920's

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The 1920’s in America was a time of great prosperity and growth. Industries were booming, cities were growing, and people were changing. Americans were forgetting the old traditions and values that they used to live by. Americans were viewing and following new entertainments. Sports were one of these entertainments. Amateur and professional athlete’s performance in their own sport was key to the growth of athletics in the 1920’s, because they changed the American attitude towards sports, created legends, and increased popularity. The culture in the 1920’s was full of prosperity throughout America. WWII had concluded and people were glad it was over. Americans lived for the moment and forgot about the past. Industries were growing with the great expansion of the economy. Across the country, new stadiums were being constructed. College and professional team were building new athletic facilities. Stanford, Ohio State, Illinois, Michigan, Alabama, Washington State, Missouri, Purdue and Texas A&M were some of the colleges that got stadiums built. These stadiums were bigger than older stadiums and they had more seats for fans. Americans had more time on their hands during the 1920’s. People were participating and watching sports like never before. Sports had become a much popular activity during this time. With this growth, businesses such as the radio and newspaper business grew. Radio and newspaper companies wanted to keep Americans in tune with sports and their athletes. The
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