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It was a cold winter night in bay city, perfect for a hockey game. My team was in bay city for a hockey tournament. We the Kentwood Falcons were facing Kalkaska. I was on offence with Charlie and Trevor. It was the first period, I had the puck. I skated up the ice, and I took a shot. The puck soared through the air and into the net! GOOOOOOOOOOAL! I yelled “ there's one goal!”
After that my friend Jack scored twice in one shift giving us a 3 to 0 lead. Jack was my team's lead scorer, and I was a little jealous about that. T me and him are great friends.
Then the second period started. I was on a breakaway and I slid the puck into the net. Then me and Charlie were on a breakaway. He was yelling “PASS PASS”. So I passed it to him.
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Charlie was always one of my good friends. We cooperate well and that's how we got our goals. When Charlie scored I was happy and when I scored he was happy. At the end of the period my coach put me on defense. I said “coach I have 2 goals why do I have to play defense!”. But I ended up playing defense. My team scored 2 goals while I was on defense, and it became 7 to 1. Then my teammate Dominic shot one from the red line and it trickled into the net.
It was late in the third period I had the puck and was skating forward. It felt like everything was in slow motion. I skated by the defense. Then the puck came off my stick, and it slowly moved toward the net. It took a bounce and the goalie tried to block it, but he missed it! I knew it was going into the net. Then it went into the net. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! HAT TRICK! I screamed “I did it I did it!”
My team gathered around me and celebrated. I was so excited I was jumping up and down with joy! All the blood sweat and tears were worth it! The stands erupted with cheers. We finished the game and won 9 to 1. I said “guys (and girl) we did it, we won.” Then the stands once again erupted with cheers! After that we went back to our hotel, went swimming, and ate lot’s of pizza. That was one of the greatest nights of my
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