Great War Impact On Society

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The nature and impact of the Great War on individuals and society The poetry, artwork and story by people who witnessed the Great War depict chaos, destruction and death. To the world and future generations it is a stark reminder of this horror and atrocities of war and that human beings should never again engage in such wanton destruction of life and property. In this paper, these literature and art is discussed in detail to illustrate the destruction and death told of by these witnesses.
Remarque in his story says that when they were fighting in the trenches during the war, they had become like wild beasts and not men (Remarque, 1929). He says that it were not as if they were flinging bombs at men but at the death that was hunting them down.
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After a long time in the trenches during winter, the lice, the cramps and lack of rum led him to put a bullet to his brain (Sassoon, 1917). He concludes the poem by warning crowds who cheer soldiers as they march by of the horror of war that consumes both youth and laughter. Seeger describes his rendezvous with death that it shall lead him into the dark land and close his eyes thereby quenching his breath (Seeger, 1917).
All these writers are unified in their description of war as horrific and destructive with their vivid description of the death scenes at the battle fields during the Great War. War destroys lives and brings death such as the one that drowned the youth and their laughter.
In conclusion, on both sides, whether fighting for the Germans or Allied forces, all the soldiers describing the war in poetry and art are unanimous in depicting the death and destruction witnessed there. It is therefore universal that war is destructive and must be avoided by all civilized societies at all costs. War can be summarized by the expression on the soldier’s face in the artwork titled “wounded soldier”, which can be described in a word as
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