Essay on Great expectations ch 1-7

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PART I CHAPTER I Vocabulary nettles - prickly plants aforesaid - previously mentioned briars - thorny plants wittles - [dialect] food weather-cock - a weather vane gibbet - a device used to hang people, gallows l. How does Pip get his name? Where is he at the beginning of the story? Pip gets his name because his father’s name is Pirrip and his real name is Philip and when he was little he couldn’t say the name so he called himself Pip. At the beginning of the story he is at a marsh country down by the river. 2. Briefly describe the convict. What evidence is there that the convict has "human" qualities and is not merely a criminal? The convict is a fearful man all in coarse gray, with a great iron on his leg, no hat, with…show more content…
pip’s convicts reaction was he was angry and wanted to search for him and evidence pip's convict knows the other man is because he looked like the other man, had a bruised face, and he became very nasty and blunt when hearing about the other guy. 2. In what ways does Pip show himself to be a compassionate young boy? Pip shows to be a compassionate boy by sharing his food with the poor hungry convict even though he was bad. CHAPTER IV Vocabulary conciliatory - willing to make concessions Accoucheur - a male midwife Reformatory - a reform school banns - marriage announcements vestry - a church room used for meetings chaise-cart - a light and open carriage Roman nose - a nose with a high, prominent bridge N.B. - the Latin phrase: nota bene means to "note well;" a note to pay attention to something bobbish - in good spirits declamation - a speech aspiration - a strong desire homily - a sermon prodigal - wasteful contumaciously - rebelliously expectorating - spitting 1. Briefly identify the following characters. Mr. and Mrs. Hubble -wheelwright, old man, and sharp edged person Mr. Wopsle -clerk church, bald, deep voice Uncle Pumblechook -cornchadler, middle aged slow man, dull staring eyes, sandy hair 2. How is Pip's theft of food nearly discovered during the Christmas dinner? when his sister pulls out liquor pip gave it away and replaced it with tar and they found out when she was pouring it for her guests.
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