Greater Of Two Evils By Edgar Allan Poe

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Greater of Two Evils Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne both have countless numbers of writing out but today ill be analyzing and comparing two that have been known to read into the dark side a little. Edgar Allan Poe’s “Masque of the Red Death” and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Birth Mark”, both showing signs of love, yet also showing signs of great death and despair. As each author progresses in their story both have a different way of bringing up death, but in some sort it is similar. With both writing having characters who adore and admire another character, they have similarities and differences in the way that they portray love and death; with different ways the authors have the characters talk, act, show emotion, and try to escape…show more content…
He then comes up with a way he thinks will be able to remove it and escape the poisons and problems that the red mark could bring to his sweet Georgiana. Compared to Poe’s story “Masque of the Red Death”, where he portrays a different way of showing love. He doesn’t show it for another person, but shows it as Prince Prospero loving himself way too much. So much that he decides to lock himself up in a castle outside of his town. Doing so because of the plague that is sweeping the cities, “The Red Death”. Prince Prospero doesn’t want to mess around with the plague and certainly doesn’t want to die, so he locks himself up in a castle and away from civilization. Getting lonely as the days and night get longer and longer every day for him. Prince Prospero decides to have a party and invites all of his friends for a wild party. When one guest shows up in a weird way, dressed in blood and looking like a corpse. With both authors showing a different way of showing love, they both share the fact that the characters are trying to get away and escape death. With Hawthorne believing that if he can remove this mark from Georgiana’s cheek, that he will be able to keep her safe and avoid death or any problems that the mark may bring. Poe believing that if Prince Prospero will be able to avoid death from the Red Death plague if he isolates himself outside the city in his castle and letting no one come around him but his
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