Greatest Generations, Tom Brokaw

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The book “The Greatest Generation”, by Tom Brokaw, is about the men and women who were born in the 1920’s and how they are what he deems to be the greatest generation thus far. He believes this generation is so tremendous because of the fact they did not demand respect for what they did and went through. Though may sacrificed as much as their lives, they do not think higher of themselves. Even through all their struggling they managed to have enough strength leave everything behind and fight for their country. I believe Tom Brokaw is correct when he says they are there greatest generation. People then would support the war and the men who fought in it, whereas nowadays there are just as many people against war, fighting, and the men and…show more content…
She quickly rose in the ranks, and was brought to the national headquarters as an organizer. She learned how to better fight for women’s rights and helped enormously. Many of her male friends thought it was not a women’s place to be. Haener said “By the time the war ended, I was too independent to get married.” Later she became involved in “NOW”, the National Organization for Women. Dorothy got involved because she had felt cheated, and because of her work women like her niece have maternity leave and child-care benefits. After retiring she still helped out by volunteering and walking picket lines in Detroit. Bob Bush although not very well known, is a great American hero, awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. When Bush was young, he lived under the hospital with his mom, barley making any money. As a teenager he started selling cold drinks to the men who were working in the hot ships during the day. But in 1943 he decided helping with the war was more important than school so he dropped out and enlisted in the Navy medical corps. Not even one year later he was loaded on an assault vehicle heading for Okinawa. On May 2, 1945 he was with a rifle company of Marines on the attack over a ridge against a heavily fortified Japanese positions. He was scrambling to help wounded soldiers all around him, when we was called upon to hell an officer on top of the ridge. Without hesitation he rushed to help him, and
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