Greatest Romance Film of All Time, Casablanca

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Many denote Casablanca as one of the greatest romance films of all time, but there is more beyond what is going on between the leading man and the leading lady. When an individual ponders Casablanca, they may think of the romance aspect of it, but that is only one facet of this film. Although it probably was not viewed as such at the time, Casablanca is a historical record depicting the events of World War II. This film not only shows events and situations that occurred, but shows how people felt about those incidents. There are many characters from different heritages in the film, and the actors’ portrayal of a certain type of person, whether American or Bulgarian, can give an idea as to how Americans or Bulgarians felt in real life at the time. Even though there is one American in the film, the viewer can discern how Americans were perceived by others by the acting of that one American; one is almost forced to assume that is what Americans are like since there was just that one character. Through this film, one can tell if the people who made it wanted to promote American involvement in the war; an individual can also see a portrayal of Americans and their allies during the war; there is a depiction of the nature of the war and the violence that ensued because of it; and cultural components are shown. Rick is the only American in the film, and he is quite the all-American man. To some, he would probably be considered good-looking, he’s quite successful with his business,

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