Greece Debt Crisis

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Greece’s financial issues have always been apparent, but now it’s becoming impossible for the government to hide their financial issues. However, the media has documented the Greece debt crisis from two different perspectives. Just like the propaganda model discussed by Chomsky and Herman, Jack Lule’s Globalization and Media: Global Village of Babel, details how the media has helped with the expansion of globalization. In his chapter, “Media and Economic Globalization” Lule explains media and economic globalization are closely related, and how they work together to push agendas. Lule explains, “The media make economic globalization possible by creating the conditions for global capitalism and promoting the conceptual foundation of the world’s market economy”(Lule, 69). The media is owned by major corporations, which means the world’s media is owned and controlled by global corporations, which allows control of various markets and profits. The media has the power to shape the opinions and its influence is seen when there are issues within governments. During times of conflict and crisis, is when we…show more content…
He explains, “All of the US multimedia empires, along with their extensive adverting networks, project and encourage US tastes, values, mores, history, culture and language around the world”(Lule, 76). Lule notes that the media allows for economic globalization to be possible by creating an ideal of the world’s economy. The media portrayal of the Greece’s financial crisis sent the world into a frenzy, with society questioning what will become of the worlds economy if Greece departed the EU. Lastly, Lule asserts, “The media are themselves now transnational global corporations that help drive globalization even as they embody globalization”(Lule, 69). Considering that the bulk of media is controlled by conglomerates, there is little to no room for an unbiased
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