Greece : The Euro Currency

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Greece introduced the euro as their currency in 2001. They made the euro their national currency because Greece was in the middle of a recession and needed the financial help of the bank of the European Union. However, because Greece has a very early retirement age and very generous benefits they spend more money than they take in. They also pay their government workers very well. Also, when Greece switched to the euro they made a big mistake by paying large amounts of money in order to make the currency transfer. Greece didn’t have this money to pay out in the first place. I decided to choose this topic because it hits close to home. My father is from Greece and I have a lot of family living there. Also, in 1991 my uncle donated a large sum of money to his home city in Greece. The town used this money to install indoor plumbing. Most Americans think of indoor plumbing as a necessity but, third world countries are lucky if they have one in their whole town. As we know Greece was once at the top financially. However, that has been fifteen years ago. Now Greece is about to hit the poverty line. I also chose this topic because I want to educate people. Most people know little to nothing about what is going on outside their home. People know Greece as a country that is a part of Europe but after that their knowledge is nearly blank. I feel that people should know more about what is going on in the world. Patriotism is fine, but nationalism can be a real issue. I think that…
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