Greece Vs China Essay

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The art of healing and the quest for effective cures has been around for many centuries. For the Greek and the Chinese imbalance was determined to be the main cause of illness, the Chinese, focused on the cosmology of Yin and Yang. While the Greeks had focused on determining what caused the illness. Even though both cultures saw imbalance to be the cause of the illness, the Greeks and the Chinese had different ways of attempting to cure the sick. Out of the two, Greeks, were found to be more successful in curing disease.
Imbalance had different meanings for the Chinese and Greek. For the Chinese, Imbalance, dealt with Yin and Yang. Yang is the male principle of light and life, the day and the sun, strength and activity; Yin is the female principle
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Yet they performed them in other ways from each other. The specific example is about surgery. In Ancient China, surgery has been a great rarity, although it has been practiced in Western societies for thousands of years. The reluctant of surgery is attributed in the views of harmony and relationship. The balance of forces in the body is what leads someone to be healthy. Also that the bodies internal organs are all related to one another. For example, the surface of the ears and internal organs are related to each other. So the Chinese cured by “Acupuncture”. Which is a system of complementary medicine that involves pricking the skin or tissues with needles in which is to alleviate pain and to treat various medical conditions. It is not understandable for Chinese that to cure a disease one must fix or remove the part that is malfunctioning in the body, to be beneficial. It is too simply for them. Ancient China ultimately thought that in order to be cured from disease you must have a high spiritual complex. Yin and yang for instance. As for the Greeks, they were very experimental. Yes, they had their ideology of imbalance and maintaining the four humors. Except they found a different way to maintain that balance. Surgery. Essentially, if a Greek doctor notice’s a patient’s humor out of balance, meaning not in equal to the other humors they would easily make a puncture on their arm and drain
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