Greece 's Impact On The World

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A Blast From the Past
The way to better the world is to go back to the past and learn the ways of those who came before and learned from their mistakes; sort of like time traveling. When going back in time and comparing the ancient civilizations of Rome and Greece to today, the root of our knowledge are greatly influenced on the minds who have lived at that time. Some may ask which civilization had the most impact on United States and the world? Many would say that the Romans had the most impact on United States and the world and some may contradict and say Greece had the most influence. However, Greece influenced the world and United States the most in tremendous ways. Greece gave the United States the influence to start it’s first
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Athenian democracy was established as a result of continuous reorganizations with a concept in mind of individual rights for citizens. An excellent quality of the Athenian democracy was that citizens were elected annually and allowed to further a longer term unless an awry situation, then an abrupt change of government can be acted upon on.
Direct democracy helped the citizens of Athens to develop intellectually, and broaden their minds, and cultural awareness. Aspiring to the Athenians, the United States followed in their footsteps and started a direct democracy in the 1630s to strive to achieve a balanced land. Once a mind has reached a level of imagination, people will start to think for themselves and begin to acquire a high curiosity of what is seen to the naked eye. With the Athenian democracy promoting a development of intellect, philosophers and philosophy began to emerge along with their ideas and share it to the world. In the Article, “Ancient Greek Culture and Civilization,” the author states, “The Philosophers-Socrates, Plato and Aristotle contributed to the way of thinking,human life, and science.” Ancient Greece philosophy focused on the aspect of reason and question. It had an important influence on modern philosophy as well as modern science. The three main philosophers of Greece were Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. They contributed to the expansion of medieval Muslim
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