Greece 's Influence On Roman Society And Consciousness Essay

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Greece’s influence on Roman Society and Consciousness Rome’s ability to Assimilate Rome became a master at assimilating other cultures’ technology and ideas, often adding their own, Róman upgrades and refinements. This was demonstrated by Rome’s addition of the covus to the quinquereme warship design which they had copied from the Carthagínians, leveraging the Etruscan arch in new ways, such as supporting huge aqueducts, and building on Greece’s concept of theater construction to create the Colosseum, capable of seating forty-five thousand people. William Morey discusses how Roman religion, philosophy, literature, art, and ethics were influenced by Greek culture and dogma, and that Greece was Rome’s the most powerful foreign influence (1901). Time Frames Keeping our Instructor’s coaching in mind, to always include dates and chronological periods when discussing history, I wanted to wrap a timeframe around this week’s Discussion Topic. • Several authors point to Greek settlements in southern Italy as having influenced Rome, citing Pompeii in particular, which is said to have been established in the eighth century BCE. • The UNRV History website suggests that Roman gods and goddesses, as we know them today, began to take shape in the sixth century BCE (n.d.). • Morey mentions Greek influence in Roman literature occurring after the second Punic war in 241 BCE (1901). • James Lloyd (2013) writes that Greece in the second and first centuries BCE, “…had a noticeably important
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